Sunday, 3 October 2010

Pieces of Me - October

October schmoctober!!  Hello Autumn, you may Fall at my feet.  Wowsers this year is flying.  It feels like only the other day I wrote the September one of these.  Not a lot has changed to b honest.

This month....

I like:  soup.  Warm hearty soup.  For lunch or for dinner.  Home made or from the work restaurant.  I think I've had more soup in the last month than I had all year up until September.  

I don't like:  Drizzle.  Rain or don't rain.  Don't half way in between it!  You know that light misty that's not worth a brolly?  It annoys me.  I'd much rather it really chuck it down for ten minutes or so, get it out of it's system and we can all move on with the sunshine, right?

I want you to know: Life is sweet but uneventful right now.  I've settled back into a lovely little lilting London routine and I'm enjoying it. Mostly.  Even as it get's dark before I get home (maybe I work too late??).

I’ve planned: My Russian trip.  It's been a long time coming (in terms of booking - it's been about 6 months, in terms of dreaming, it's been more than 6 years)  and I'm excited.  I haven't done that much research so I don't really know what to expect.  But I will do some, and I'm excited.  Really really excited. 

I want to say to someone special:  cooo-eeeee?  anybody there??



  1. I can't believe that it's October either! This year went by much too fast for my tastes.
    I love the picture!