Friday, 29 October 2010

So I was thinking

And those thoughts weren't really coherent or linked.  Unless I used bullet points, which is  great way of linking everything, right?  Even the previously unlinkable? 

Said (bulletless) bullet points:

In truth, I did take 900 (exactly, not rounded) photos in Russia. 78 of these were of chandeleirs. I kid you not. I know I like them, I guess I just didn't realise how much! And some of these chandeliers - well, they're almost out of this world! The Hermitage and Catherine's Palace in St Petersburg were home to many of them. These places are blinged out like no ones business! And the Moscow Subway?  Ring a ding ding my friends.  I really must sort some pics to share with you from the trip.  Aside from these token chandeleir pics. 

IMG_2522. IMG_3151
(Moscow Subway, Church at Peter and Paul's Fortress in St Petersburg - one of the 9 chandeliers in there).

Also a truth - I didn't drink 900 wodkas. I had a few though, a few of a few different types, if that even makes sense? They drink it cold and like a shot. Yet they serve it in doubles, often in crystal wear. There were plenty that I tasted that didn't make me want to dry reach and didn't smell/taste like dettol/hairspray. I'd say I've come a long way in my wodka appreciation. I'd also say I probably didn't need to improve.


I've been looking at holiday options for next year as BA are having a flight sale.  Currently I want to go to Australia, Tanzania, India, Morocco, Cuba, skiiing and a beach holiday. Clearly (very very clearly, considering the cost of these things) these won't all be happening next year. But when I do decide where I'm off to, I think I'll go for longer than a week. Otherwise, people don't really "cover" your role and you just get slammed with work on your return. I kind of knew this, but it has been really reinforced this past week!

I'd like to think I'd upload/sort some pics and maybe write a recap this weekend. But really, I'm not sure. You see, I'm off on hols again this arvo (early leave pass means leaving the office at 2.30pm) and home late Monday night. I've packed my laptop but I don't hold out great hopes for using it. I do hold out great hopes for hot chocolates, soups, cream teas and autumn leaves. I'm off to Dartmoor (Devon) with housemates for a lazy weekend at a cottage. I'm expecting stunning Autumn colours on display.  If I get up off the couch and away from the fireplace to go see them.  you think it sounds like bliss, we're on the same page!

My Google reader?  Maxed out at 1000+  - I'm going to make some progress at some point, surely?  Along with sorting pics, I want to read some blogs this weekend.  I've got a three hour first class train journey on Monday night so that might be a good opportunity. 

My costume for halloween you ask? Well, that would be tracky daks and sneakers. Yup, no costume this year, to busy being a bum. I do like fancy dress though - I really do. Maybe I have to live vicariously through you - tell me - what are you wearing and what are your treats? (or tricks)

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  1. Those chandeliers are gorgeous, wow!
    Your weekend away sounds like it will be incredible, I only wish that I could come with.
    I'm having my sister and her boyfriend over on Halloween, but we're not dressing up. I am planning on baking though; hopefully some Halloween cupcakes and some mini caramel apples.