Thursday, 25 November 2010

29 candles

Or not...not sure if there will be a cake (oh, but there will be cookies...plenty of cookies).

Today I'm 29.

A non-birthday, a non-age of sorts, but no reason not to celebrate!! I've got some cool plans with friends over the next few days and I'm already feeling very loved.  Hot tip - if you move half way around the world, you get an extra long birthday because of the time differences...

And on this day in history....(ie, a trip down birthday memory lane...)

November 25 2006...

I got my final post grad results the day before my 25th birthday.  After 20 years of studying, I was free, free as a bird.  So I went and acted like one...


And it was freakin' awesome!! Have you been sky diving?  Would you do it??

1 comment:

  1. Happy birthday Sue!
    I don't think I could ever go sky diving, but I sure loved these pictures!