Friday, 26 November 2010

Birthdays don't make me feel old

But birthday drinks do.  Some prosecco with lunch, some champagne wine with dinner and just a hint of a headache this morning.

I had a lovely uneventful day yesterday, full of wonderful small guestures. 

Things like a hand knitted scarf from a friend from home
Things like a handbag hook because the picture on it reminded a friend of what I wore to her debutante ball (circa 1998! - love her memory)
Things like the guys at work buying my coffee AND letting me have all the loyalty stamps (yep, the small things indeed)
Things like texts and posts and emails and love.
Things like birthday cake with 8 candles to celebrate the anniversary of my 21st.
Things like a friend booking flights to come and visit for her 30th next year, on my 29th this year (one of the best presents).
Things like mushroom pizza for lunch.  And dinner.

I loved all the love. And it's going to get better - we're off to the races tonight.  The greyhound races.  Something different, something I've wanted to do over here in London since I've been.  Something a lot of other people have clearly wanted to do as well as there's 25 of us going (I didn't realise I knew that many people!).  I shall let you know how it goes..

Enjoy your weekends people...

(Me and some of my girls, circa June 2008, on a wet & windy day in Byron Bay as part of my farewell weekend.  Knitter is in blue, Visitor is in check)

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  1. Sounds like it was a lovely birthday, minus the day after headache.
    Have fun at the greyhound races, I look forward to hearing about them!