Saturday, 20 November 2010

How I feel...

It's just gone 8.30pm. I'm in my jim jams and I'm about to get into bed.  Alone.  To watch a DVD as I drift off to sleep.  I

This is not a sad post - there's nothing I'd rather than watching a DVD in bed tonight.  I've been exhausted lately and have spent this week succumbing to a cold.  18 hours of sleep yesterday must surely of helped but another early night is needed.  And a quiet weekend.

Hope your Friday nights are what you want them to be - and happy weekend...

Yep, Ryan Reynolds is just what I need!


  1. I hope the early night is just what you needed to feel better! I've just caught a cold...hopefully I can feel mostly better by Monday morning!

  2. This movie has been on almost everyday on HBO and I love watching it. Hope you feel better!