Thursday, 4 November 2010

Pieces of Me - November Edition

November has long been my favourite month.  It's my birthday month, it means Christmas is coming and for most of my life it has meant the weather is warming up and summer is just about here.  I love it.  Now, transplant me to the Northern Hempisphere and it is still my favourite month.  My birthday is still soon, as is Christmas.  And the weather - well, I like the first bit of the cold here.  The lead up to Christmas in the dark and cold is just like in the movies and still scores lots of novelty points for me.  In short, I can't think of a place where November wouldn't be my favourite month.  And with that, this:

I like: Scarves.  Warm ones, summery ones, pashmina like ones, chunky knit ones.  I love them all.  I've got two draws dedicated solely to scarves and I'm thinking I might need a third soon.

I don't like: Tough one.  Not much I'm not liking at the moment.  I might just default to bananas.  Or maybe my own indecisiveness?  I need to bake something for my colleagues (we're having a bake off and it's my week this week) and I just don't know what I feel like baking.

I want you to know: Everything.  There's not a lot I'm not prepared to share.  I know I haven't made time for it but it's not because there are things I don't want to know.

I’ve planned: Very little.  For the first time since I moved to the UK, I don't have my next trip booked.  I have nothing planned, travel wise.  It is a strange strange feeling.  It's sort of a necessity as I renew my passport etc. Still, I could travel within the UK (we're thinking Hogmanay in Edinburgh for NYE) but I haven't booked anything.

I want to say to someone special:  Welcome to the best year of your life!  Some exciting things are happening for a few special people at the moment (moving to the UK, getting married, travelling etc) and I'm so excited for all of you!

{Not my fav trip of me from my time in Russia but I think very appropriate for "peices of me" given it looks like a piece of me is missing! Accidentally, part of my head as my hat blends in with the black of the bell. Taken near a big big bell inside the Kremlin, Moscow.}

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