Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Weekends that Were

I had the quietest weekend I think I've ever had.  I left the house for about 7 hours on Saturday night (a mate's housewarming, 1 glass of red) and not a moment more.  When I was home, I was in bed. Either sleeping or watching Grey's and Glee catchup.  Cold is still very much present (good thing this is the written word - my voice is sometimes high, sometimes gravelly and sometimes just lost, MIA completely).

Prior to this weekend I'd been pretty absent from this blog (and commenting - sorry) lately.  It's the same old story, getting smashed at work.  I've just had the three week period where the stars align to bring me my twice weekly reporting duties, my month end reports and my quarterlies. Excellent fun all around I tell you. Just excellent fun).

Anyway, when I haven't been stressing exposures we have to counterparties (yeah, that's what I spend my time doing…don't ask), I have been lying low but having a pretty darn old good time, cold or not.. Why and how you ask? (or were about to…?)

Well, I gots friends. And family. And they've been in London. A fortnight ago I headed out to Heathrow to collect a friend from school.  She's "fresh of the boat" who has just landed in the motherland for a year. It was so good to see her again. So good in fact, there were fireworks. Although, in fairness, the fire works could have been related to the whole Guy Fawkes this going on that weekend…

(My friend, L, smiling after 24hours+ journey from Melbs!)

And last weekend…some bubbles, some jazz and a Sunday lunch to end all Sunday lunches with my Aunt and Uncle who were in London for a day. They’re now in New York (they get around - they spent most of the inbetween in Reykjavik).  They're two thirds of the way through a 3 month world trip and are in great form. So so so good to see them and spend some good time with them. Funnily enough, that Sunday was probably the longest I've spent with them in years. We're a big family (Dad has 8 brothers) and this partuicular uncle now lives 2,000clicks north of Melbourne so it's not like we can all pop in for tea or anything). I took them over to Greenwich on the Thames Clippers, had a look at a few museums and just basked in the company. A really good grounding day.

So I've been mostly keeping well and certainly keeping quiet.  How have you been fairing?  How were your weekends?  Looking forward to any visitors any time soon?

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