Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Around the world in 80 scratchings

I alluded to a gift I got from Urban Outfitters on the weekend. It was one of many super presents I received for my birthday.  After seeing it over at From India--With Love a little while ago, I hadn’t been able to get it out of my mind.  Luckily, I stumbled across it in person when I was with someone who (mistakenly, but who am I to correct) thought they needed to get me more for my birthday.

So Sunday night, I spent my time scratching away.  Here’s my life travel story, sort of (many places I’ve been lucky enough to head to more than once, but I’ve only referenced my first trip to each in the timeline below):

IMG_3410IMG_3413IMG_3415 aIMG_3415 bIMG_3417IMG_3419IMG_3422IMG_3423
1981 – Born in Australia
1984 – First visit to see Grandparents in UK
1985 – Week in Singapore with family friends
2001 – Ireland for Christmas
2002 – Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Italy, France and Spain
2008 – USA and Canada
2009 – Hungary, Turkey, New Zealand, Norway, Iceland
2010 – Greece, Russia
2011 – Who knows? India, Morocco, Cuba, Argentina, Tanzania, Mongolia, Japan and more of Eastern Europe are all in my dreams!

This map highlights to me how much of the world is left to see, not that I didn’t know this already! 

I'm planning on hanging it in a glass frame so I can keep scratching away at it.  My housemates are also contemplating getting one and we can hang them down our hall way.  I'd think they'd look given that between them, they've seen a lot of Asia, South America, Pacific Islands and Africa.  If this eventuates, I'll be sure to share pics.


  1. What a neat map and you are so lucky to have traveled to the places you have.

  2. oh this is sooo cool! i so want one! i didn't realize they have them at urban outfitters?! i'm going to have to go and see if my store stocks it!

    looks great! & you've seen more places than i have!