Saturday, 4 December 2010

Friday Followings…

This Friday, I thought I should let you know some stuff.  It's a mixed bag of stuff but that's not unusual!    Some things like:

I’m guest posting over at Angela’s place (Craving Cupcakes) today as she and Stephen move. Their move hit a few early hiccups but seems back on track now – but be sure to pop over and see what I have to say about home and say hello!  And, if you are coming over from Angela's - welcome!!

I was sick a few weeks back with a cold that I can’t quite shake (but ohh so close).  I wasn’t very productive whilst sick, not like Colour Me Katie did.  She travelled the world with Google maps and street view and saw some really cool stuff.  She inspired me to do a little travelling.  I found a Clydesdale called Chrissie on a farm in Victoria.  (Yep, one of my folk’s horses on their farm). 
Fullscreen capture 02122010 230603.bmp
(It’s not the clearest of pictures as they’re at the end of a dirt road in Mount Middleofnowhere, Australia but I love it all the same.  Not every ones pets made it on to Google maps!)

I'm lusting after a rose belt from Heart of Light .  Rachel makes these belts and sells them in her Etsy store. I’m so tempted to buy one for a mate’s birthday, just as soon as I decide between the pink and red.  To seem them in action, head to her Etsy Shop.

And in last but not least…have yourselves a wonderful weekend.  What are your plans? (I’d tell you mine…but they’re a little bit up in the air)

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  1. Thanks so much for posting for me today, Sue! Have a lovely weekend.