Tuesday, 21 December 2010

London town

Another lazy weekend in London.  Full of fun and promise but not much achieved.  Hey ho.

A late late late (like I missed it completely) lunch with friends on Saturday that turned into dinner and drinks and a play in the snow come 1am.  Must of been warmed up by the delish thai green curry I’d had.

A wonderfully random Sunday.  The cold and snow seemed to keep a lot of the crowd away for I wandered with a mate over 7.5km around London town and mostly it was pleasant.  Took in an art exhibition (Illumini’s Chryptmas), enjoyed some Yum Cha in China Town, had a shoulder massage, did some Christmas shopping, enjoyed an excellent coffee and checked out Carnaby Street’s Christmas lights.  A really good weekend.

A lot of my Christmas shopping was done at Urban Outfitters.  I love that place.  I remarked when leaving that if I couldn’t find something in there for someone, then why was I friends with that someone?  It’s not their clothes dig (although they’re ok too), but the books and lomo and random fun house stuff.  Perfect gift fodder.  I got a gift also but I’ll be back to share that later.

How was your weekend?  Your Christmas shopping done?
Bloomsbury Sq, central London on Sunday

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