Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Pieces of Me–December

When sitting down to write this, I inadvertently called it the November edition.  A month too late!  How this year has flown by!!!
So for the last time this year, indulge me…and play along too…

I like: My friends.  They really do rock.  I’ve even let a few of them star in the pics at the bottom of this post, because I’m nice like that.

I don't like: A messy or dirty house.  It gets to me more than it should really. 

I want you to know: That I’ll be doing my first guest post this week over at Craving Cupcakes.  Angela’s moving and she’s got a host of posts lined up.  Do check them out.

I’ve planned: To go an see Harry Potter tonight at Imax with a bunch of friends.  I’ve never seen a real movie there before, only special Imax 3D ones.  I’m looking forward to this…

I want to say to someone special:  ..cooo-eeee

Pics of me and my mates.  From top to bottom, they are colleagues (or ex colleagues or alumni), housemates and some school mates.  All pics taken at the dogs which was a great night out (& no, I wasn't drunk in these pics but I do do a very good drunk eye it seems!)

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