Friday, 3 December 2010

Pskov Playtime

So more than a month ago, I went to Russia for little over a week.  You know this because I've told you this.  I took over 900 photos.  You know this because I also told you this.  It's not that I have writers block per se, but there's so much about this trip that I want to share with you, I've just been struggling in knowing where to start. 

That said, I've decided to start in the middle.  In between Moscow and St Petersburg, we had a night in Pskov (and a night on a sleeper train getting there).  It's not a big place and not a lot to see, but still quite beautiful and quite like I expected from non-big-city Russia.  It felt a lot poorer than the big two, probably because it is.

We didn't just stay in Pskov, we also neared the Estonian border to take in the Pskov-Caves Monastery (real name Monastery of the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos) and a family's banya near by.

A random fact about the full day in Pskov - I got served tomato and cucumber salad four times that day!  Four times!!  Once for breakfast.  Once for lunch  Twice for dinner (entree and main).  Not sure if I've mentioned it here but I'm not really a fan of fresh tomato or cucumber.

Here's some pics from this part of the trip...

Platform 3 for us - with our destination plastered along the side of the train.

An early morning arrival, a stop for some breakfast and off to visit Pskov's Kremlin

IMG_2715IMG_2714 (2)

And off to the Monastery. Churches and religious buildings in Russia were full of colour and bedazzling, unlike most of the rest of the architecture.

Banyas are the Russian version of a sauna. They're not as dry as a sauna, nor as moist as a steam room but they are amazing.  You thrash each other with birch branches and they have that nice woody smell.  We broke up our banya time with dips into this lake.  I loved the contrast here - for as hot as the banya got, this was probably the coldest water I've ever swum in!!

Whilst not as glamourous or with as much to see as the big cities, I was really glad for this brief stay in country Russia.  The banya was certainly the highlight.  The tomato and cucumber salad was the lowlight.

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