Tuesday, 4 January 2011

At the movies: Catfish & others

Catfish.  Have you seen it? Heard about it?  Strange strange movie.  Captivating movie.

I hadn’t heard of it until yesterday afternoon when a friend messaged asking if I wanted to go see it.  I had nothing planned and it fitted in with my style of late* so I grabbed another mate and went along.  I did read the imdb summary which is more than D got.  But wow.  So many questions.  I’ve done a bit of googling on it since and I just keep thinking of more questions.  I must say that the lead, Nev, is hot (hot hot hot).

It’s billed as a reality thriller and is about people you meet online not always being who they say they are.  It’s most unlike any movie I’ve seen before.  Beyond that, there isn’t a lot I can say without giving it away.
*My style of late has consisted of a lot of dvds.  Since Christmas day, I’ve seen the following (one was at the cinema).  Some were seen for the first time, some were seen for the 48th billion time.  Some were great and some were…uh, less great?  I think Waiting was one of my favourites that I hadn’t seen before. 
Did you watch any flicks over the break?  Any recommendations for me?

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*all pictures are from IMDB and are links to the respective film.

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