Saturday, 22 January 2011

Grandma Gertrude

I'm tired, my brain is tired and the computer I'm on only has IE6*. So I'm joining the ranks of list lovers and sharing a randomish list of things about my Grandma. It was either that or a list about expected positive exposure and credit value adjustments.

Seemingly random thoughts about my Grandma for you though**:

  • My Grandma is 97. She's really really old. I don't think about it that much but every so often I here someone else mention their grandma's and I'm shocked at how young theirs are. How old are yours (if they are still around - I'm lucky, both of my maternal grandparents are alive still). I also know of people older than her that seem younger, if that makes sense. I think she gave up a while ago and is just waiting for her body to give up.

  • It doesn't matter that I write this because she doesn't know who I am. She thinks I'm Lulu's daughter. Granddad and I don't know who Lulu is. I do take it as a compliment though, because everyone says she only has her long-term memory and doesn't remember recent events. I like that she thinks my birth (>29 years ago) is recent. Means I'm young still, right?

  • I deal with sad things with humour. I don't laugh at funerals but I do think I often think the wrong thing at the wrong time. I'm sarcastic and have a dry sense of humour. It's not always great. I would provide some examples but then you might all just begin to hate me. Maybe another time I will. If you are someone I know IRL, you will already know this anyway.

  • I spoke to my Dad this morning. He'd screened an earlier call (about Grandma) because he was sitting centre court at the Aus Open. Hello Dad - since when did you go to the tennis? When home, I tended to go 2-3 time each Australian open, never with Dad because he didn't like tennis. I'm not watching it this year because it makes me a little bit homesick. Melbourne really really rocks. Whilst it doesn't have the obvious icons like Sydney, it is a fantastic place.

  • My Grandma's name is Gertrude. Not a day goes by that I don't love my parents that little bit more for not naming me after her. Or my paternal Nan (Muriel Nancy anyone??). Good job parents - I don't always love my name but I sure do prefer it to those alternatives.

  • I'm going to Leeds tomorrow. To see my Grandma. And my Granddad. Shall I tell her you all said hello? I wonder how long it would take to explain to her why Lulu's daughter has a blog and what a blog is. Maybe it's best I just let her retell me the story of her wedding day and the cafĂ© she went to in the Swiss Alps one day in 1968 to get a coffee. They're the two stories she tells me every time I see her.

* Do you have any idea how much I don't like this? It is missing so many of the conveniences of chrome (and I'm assuming just about every other browser out there) and makes sharing pics really hard. So I'm not.  There are some pics of her here though.

**Grandma's pretty poorly. I'm going to say what may be my goodbyes tomorrow. Might not be though. Who knows. She's been poorly in the past.  I'm not sure what my preferred outcome is, she's very old and very uncomfortable but she's my Grandma.


  1. I'm sorry that your Grandma hasn't been doing too well, but I'm glad that you get to go spend some time with her. That's incredibly important, even if she thinks you're Lulu's daughter!

    I come from a pretty young family; my Grandma passed away when she was in her early fifties from cancer, but my great grandma is here still, and she's only in her late seventies!

  2. Wow - that does seem a young family (compared to my oldies) but I think it's great that you get to hang out with your great Grandma.