Friday, 14 January 2011


Or wellies
or rain boots
or whatever.

We've had a decent whack of snow already this year (and I'm hoping there is more to come) so I think I need to invest in som.  I’ll need them for a music festival later in the year.  So let’s have a looksee out there and see what we can see see see. 

There are so many places selling them but I’m going to keep this search to Amazon (all pics from Amazon and each pic is a link to its listing).

In the “no, thanks, not for me, ever” category we have:

Cauliflower is for eating, not wearing.
A heel, seriously?
Fake ed hardy styling? seriously? {not that real would be any better!}

In the “yes please, size 41 category” we have

I think the last two pairs are my favourite but I might keep looking for a bit longer. Notice how the ones I like are kind of dull?  Maybe I need something a little jazzier? 

Do you have gumboots?  (or what do you call them?).  Any you are lusting after?

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  1. I would never dream of wearing rain boots in the snow! I find it strange that people do. We're all about full on snow boots here. Then again, it does get rather cold here, so the rain boots wouldn't keep your feet warm at all. I adore the purple ones that you picked out though :)