Tuesday, 11 January 2011

More movies

 This weekend I briefly left the house to catch a few movies.  Love and Other Drugs on Saturday with an old friend.  127 Hours on Sunday with my housemate and his brother.

Love 127

Love and Other Drugs was perfect for our mood.  We’d done a touch of shopping, had a lovely lunch, stocked up on some Aussie sweets and settled in to watch Jake.  Naked Jake.  Fantastic naked Jake.  Fantastic Naked Jake aside, the movie was enjoyable.  It’s not mind blowing or anything new but I enjoyed it.  Worth seeing with the girls.

127 Hours is Danny Boyle’s (Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire) latest movie and is based on Aron Rolston’s book – Between and Rock and Hard Place.   It details the 127 hours he spent with his arm trapped whilst canyoning through to him self-amputating it.  It’s not always an enjoyable watch and at times I had to look away but it is a great story and well worth seeing.  I think I’ll add Aron’s book to my reading list.

Did you catch any flicks?  I don’t tend to see many (any) in Summer but I overload in Winter.  Next up is hopefully The Kings Speech (sold out last night).  Then Black Swan and Never Let Me Go when they are released here.

Update - I just ordered Between and Rock and Hard Place  - I 'll report back once I've read it.

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