Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Ten on a Tuesday - 62

Questions via Chelsea from Molly.

1. Is there a band/artist that you HATE?

No, not really. I have pretty diverse music taste, but am also terrible with names of songs/artists so if I don't like a song, I probably couldn't tell you who it was by. For the longest time I didn't want to like Black Eyed Peas but I do actually (and I'm not sure why I was so against liking them for so long!  Their song Ring-a-ling cracks me right up.)

2. What do you do when you get a gift that you do not like? How do you react?
I would like to think graciously. I don't get a great number of presents (yeah, living on the other side of the world to most of my present givers has its disadvantages) and I'm pretty easily pleased.

3. How is your work office/cubicle decorated?
Sparsely. The only decorations are a chilli plant & forget-me-nots growing in a tin and a really bad Etihad Airways desk calendar. The forget me not seeds and tins were an Alzheimer's charity fundraiser and then my colleagues planted the chilli seeds from a local Mexican restaurant in the tin when I was holidays and they were "looking after" my plant. I got the really bad desk calendar when Eithad came to our offices as a promo. It doesn't have nice pics of the destinations they fly to, rather pictures of their different seats, their different check in desks and their different aeroplane food. That's not hot.

{chilli plant on my desk wrapping it's way around a chopstick stake.  You can just see a hint of forget-me-not towards the lower right).  You can also just see the bottom corner of my calendar in the background.  The white text (and subsequent smaller text you can't read after it) reads:  They like a warmer welcome.  Our premium check-in at Abu Dhabi International Airport.  Inspiring, I tells ya}

4. Do you use all of your vacation every year?
I'm a contractor so I don't get any (in the sense that if I don't work, I don't get paid) but I can take time off. When I started they said to try and keep my leave in line with permanent employees which means 5 - 6 weeks a year. Last year I took 5.

5. Did you have a real or fake Christmas tree?
None. We did have a Christmas tree shaped candle though (which I guess fits into the "fake" category).

6. If you could have anything for dinner tonight, what would it be?
I'm not overly hungry at the moment so I'm not sure. Maybe garlic bread and soup? (because I know that is what is in my fridge when I get home?)

7. Do you bite your fingernails?
Nope. I use to as a kid but I haven't for about 20 years. No idea what made me stop.

8. How many cups of coffee do you drink each day?
2+. One at home. One circa 10.30 with my coffee club and then variable there after.

9. Do you have a nervous tick?
I usually fidget with my necklace.

10. How often do you vacuum?
Every few weeks or so (it's only our bedrooms that have carpet) but more frequently than my housemates (but that's another topic).

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