Sunday, 2 January 2011

Welcome 2011

Thanks 2010 you were lovely, but I'm going home with 2011...*

I feel ready for 2011 but not really ready to say goodbye to 2010.  There’s so much I left unfinished, and unsaid.  I’ve had a mad bad case of writers block this last week or so.  It being a new year, I’ve been wondering if I should just move on.  Or if I do my best to finish reviewing 2010 a bit better.  Things like my Russian trip, Project 365, Reverb, other thoughts on the year gone.

Whilst I continue to toss and turn (figuratively), I’ll wish you a Happy New Year. Hope it’s a good one…

(How did you celebrate? Mine was pretty quiet but lovely – a few drinks with friends and then some fireworks along the Thames)

Sun beginning to set, Boxing Day 2010, Hove, UK

*A friend’s facebook status from early Saturday morning.  There were many to do with NYE but this was absolutely my favourite.

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