Monday, 7 February 2011

More Movies

My fixation on movies continues, as I’ve been to the cinemas three times in the past week.  Escapism?  Maybe… but if so, a bit of a fail on that front.

After a tough day at work last Wednesday, a few of us took off and saw The Fighter.  Loved it.  I was keen to see it but was surprised just how much I liked it.  I recommend some mid week Marky Mark for all and sundry.  I didn’t especially like the the fighting scenes that took place out of the ring though.  And Christian Bale – wow!  You might need to see it to understand, but I’m so so thankful not to be one of the Ward or Ekland sisters. 

Then, thinking I wanted to see it, I met some friends for Hereafter on Friday night.  Escapism this is not.  When you’ve been to the funeral of a loved one, a movie all about death and afterlife is an interesting proposition.  That said, it was a good movie – maybe not enjoyable and hard to recommend but I liked it and I’m glad I saw it.  Matt Damon’s got the salt and pepper look going on though – when did that happen?

And then to round off a brilliant weekend I saw Black Swan on Sunday evening.  A lot have already seen it.  It’s… a little amazing and a lot mind blowing?  I think the lightest thing about it is the credits at the end (reverse colours to usual).  I can see why there is so much hype around it.  And guys – do you really find that level of skinniness attractive? (surely not??).

Have you seen any of the above? Like, dislike?


  1. Black Swan was definitely mind-blowing and deserving of all the awards it is getting.

  2. I've seen Black Swan and I loved it! The friend I saw it with didn't like it though. The Fighter is next on my list of movies to see.