Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Ten on a Tuesday - 66

Life is back on track now.  That’s not to say I’ll post every day (lofty ambitions that just won’t get fulfilled if I even had them).  Tuesday though, I’m pretty reliable, thanks to Chelsea.  And randomly, here

1. What’s your favourite kind of donut
Chocolate iced ring or fresh hot jam donut (especially if at the football)

2. Do you use the snooze button?

3. Do you write in cursive, print, or a combination of the two?
Combination.  Depends on my mood, the purpose, the pen.

4. Tell us a joke.
I can never remember good jokes.  The best I’ve got (and it’s bad) is:
What do you call a woman who stands in the middle of a tennis court?

Annette.  Baddabing.  Not rally baddaboom.

5. How many languages do you speak?
One.  English.  Often quite poorly.  I’ve learnt German and I sometimes try but I’m really really bad.

6. Why did you start blogging?
I think as a way to ramble, have a voice.  Not so much for the voice to be heard but so I can put things down, write them out, share etc. 

7. Do you use bar soap or liquid body wash?
Liquid body wash mostly.

8. Do you buy bottled water?
Yep.  At work I buy a 1.5 litre each week and just keep refilling it from the fountain

9. What did you think of the Super Bowl Half Time Show?
N/A – I was sleeping.

10. How do you feel about Steve Carell leaving The Office?
N/A – I’ve not watched the US version.

An lame set of answers from me this week – not great but I tried.  To try and make up for it, I’ll share a pic of this weekend’s flowers.  They were all closed up when I got them with just a hint of pink but now they’re blooming.  This vase is the lounge but I’ve got a few in my room and one in the bathroom. You like?


  1. hee hee funny joke...badabing!

  2. I loved the original Office. Unfortunately BBC America doesn't seem to ever play it anymore.
    (of course, I haven't checked in a while because I didn't have access to that channel for a long time.)
    I'm totally with you on the pen making the difference between printing and cursive.

  3. Great answers and I love the flowers!