Friday, 25 March 2011

Friday Funday

Some random thoughts this Friday.

  • I am sunburnt and have a cold.  Go figure.  Go figure, knowing how much it hurts to blow an overly blown sunburnt nose.

  • I drove into work this morning.  For the second time since I've lived in London.  I quite liked it, had a smooth run with traffic enjoyed crossing Tower Bridge in the sunshine.  I don't have a car but was driving Scarlett, my housemate's (scarlett coloured) car. 

Driving to work

  • Scarlett came to work with me this morning as she's taking a group of us (seven, in two cars) to Snowdonia this afternoon for some mountain climbing over the weekend.  Tres looking forward to it.

  • Wonder how mountaing climbing will go, given my cold leaves me out of breath if I type too energetically?

  • I love seeing the sights of Europe but I'm just as happy in the open spaces of the UK.  Maybe even more so?  I just love vast open spaces (but don't want to live in the country).

  • Work is interesting at the moment.  Very very interesting.  Probably more on this another time although I rarely do blog/tweet/fb about it though.  If I do, it shall be done historically.

  • I'm part way through a Las Fallas post. There will be more than one but the first one sets the scenes.  I'm saving the ninots and fires for the second one.  Do you want me to include the video where I got hit by firecrackers?  (it's obvious when it happens, very very obvious!).

  • I'm not wearing any nail polish today.  I feel naked.  There is some in my handbag though so I might put it on at lunch time whilst I sit in the square by the fountain.

Happy weekend lovelies  (I'll be back this arvo with the first of the Las Fallas posts sans video of me getting hit by crackers)

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