Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Ten on a Tuesday - 69

Can we have a yee ha for Spring?  With March beginning, Feb is behind us.  Great news for me as it’s been my least favourite month as long as I’ve lived in the UK (and probably before).  I quite like Winter and being all cosy cosy but I’m over it come February.  A general “meh” sort of sets in.  Hopefully now that that is behind me, I’ll lift my game*. 

Today being Tuesday brings another ten questions. Thanks Chelsea

1. What type of cell phone do you have and how would you rate it?
iPhone 3GS.  I’m sure you’ve seen/heard enough about them.  The camera is pretty sucky, I don’t love it as a phone but I do love it as a gadget.

2. What has been your most serious injury?
Torn ligaments in my ankle and knee.  In one fell swoop, I damaged the right ankle ligaments whilst tearing cartilage and my posterior cruciate ligament in my left knee.  Nothing that surgery and six months of physio (3 times a week) couldn’t fix.

3. What is one movie you hate and why?
A Single Man.  I know it’s meant to be great but I just found it dull.  It wasn’t slow as that implies it took a long time to get to the point.  There was no point!  (I wish I liked it – a lot of people who’s opinion I respect and usually agree with liked it).

4. How many email addresses do you have?
Three – a work one, my personal one and then a spammy one for when I want to sign up for things on the webs.

5. What website do you waste the most time on?
Google Reader I suspect?  or newspapers sites (http://www.theage.com.au/ – more so in Aussie rules season).

6. Which Mexican restaurant makes the best salsa?
My favourite Mexican restaurant here is Wahaca but I’ve not really paid attention to the Salsa.

7. What is your dream car?
Lame, but I don’t really have one.  I wouldn’t mind a new Ford Fiesta but that’s not a dream dream car.  I don’t need a car in London and given parking permits, congestion charge etc, I’m not sure one would add to much to my life which makes it hard to dream about it I guess.  Maybe a camper though, that could be cool?

8. If you could spend up to $100 with no strings or restrictions or guilt, what would you buy?
Music and nail polish.  I’m in a music buying phase and lusting after quite a few nail polishes at the moment.

9. What is your favourite board game?
There’s no board per se but I love Scattegories.  Always have.

10. How often do you change your hairstyle?
Infrequently.  As in, I had it cut on the weekend for the first time since July 2010.  Within said period, sometimes I straighten it, sometimes I don't.  Sometimes I tie it back, sometimes I don’t.

*It's not all doom and gloom - I had a lot of fun in Feb which I'll share too


  1. I love love love nail polish!!! My absolute favorite is Avon Mirror Shine! And I am *so* ready for Spring. I like Winter, really I do, I like being cozy comfy like you. But Spring needs to be here AND now!

  2. "I don’t love it as a phone but I do love it as a gadget."

    That's a much better description of how I feel about Iphone too then I was able to say. Agreed, 100%.