Tuesday, 22 March 2011

What a weekend

Wow!  I’m back from the Las Fallas festival in Valencia, Spain and wow wow wow.  What a weekend (a long weekend).

I wanted to try and sum it up and share some pics tonight but instead ended up going hula hoop shopping and having pho with friends so a real recap might have to wait. The is probably a good thing as I don’t know what to make of it all any way. 

A festival for carpenters, to celebrate the end of winter and for the patron saint of Valencia. 

A festival that involves fireworks, firecrackers, fires, traditional dress, carnations and flower offerings, parades, brass bands, falles (statues, sometimes up to 7 storeys tall) and falles on fire?

A truly amazing weekend.  Whilst I go through the pics to try and recap it properly (or even just make some sense of it), check out this photo.  Do you see what I see?


(and if you see what looks like Voldemort in it, then you see what I see.)

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