Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A colourful weekend


The weekend seems like a distant memory.  A warm distant memory though for it was just lovely.  A day out and a day in.  A nice mix.

No pics of the day in. Me, in my pj's, spring cleaning and singing out loud - do you need pics? Should i mention my housemates were doing the same? and as part of the spring cleaning, I was going through the clothes I don't wear often (ski gear, costumes etc) so there were wigs.  Spring cleaning is always better when wearing wigs and singing out loud, I tell you.

Pics of the day out though.  Plenty.  I spent Saturday taking in the colour of the Royal Botanic Gardens (also known as Kew Gardens) with an old friend.  We've been meaning to go for a while and didn't make time for it last spring.  I'm terrible with plants (a real black thumb) and know not their names, but I can appreciate their colour and beauty.

Orange WhiteFieldsPink

The entrance price at the gardens is reasonably steep (£15) so that's why we were so keen to go in Spring, although many of the flowers you see above are in the various greenhouses so there would be some colour all year round.  It could be quite magical in winter (cold and eery yet really warm in the greenhouses).

The temperate house on the left (circa 1869) and the palm house on right (circa 1844)

A weekend well spent.
*the peacock pic at the top is also from the gardens but was taken with a hefty amount of zoom. 

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