Thursday, 7 April 2011

Last night

Yesterday was glorious - after a random cold snap the day before, London brought the sunshine. Lunch was spent out side on a patch of grass by the Thames and pretty much everyone was smiling. To make the most of the warmth, I walked home* with a colleague along the Thames and nattered away. The walk reminded both of us to make the most of this city. It's a great city and neither of us are planning on being here for our forevers (she's a Sydney sider). Nothing like a walk and a chat to clear the head and catch up. Views like these help too.

I got home feeling all refreshed and great and thinking an early night and some reading (currently reading Sister and loving it). Instead, my housemates and I got drawn into Sleeping with The Enemy which was showing on Film4. Have you seen it? Early 1990s, Julia Roberts, amazing beach house, pshyco husband? It's pretty predictable but somehow, it managed to scare the bejesus out of me. I jumped multiple times. I dropped my phone twice. I shrieked once. I shreiked. Double ewe tee eff? When did I become that girl that shrieks at average predictable early 90s drama/thrillers movies?

Oh, and whilst we're on numbers, I counted a bajillion sheep before I actually got to sleep. So much for an early night.

How were your nights? Watch any surprisingly scary movies lately?

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