Monday, 18 April 2011

My weekend in pictures - Dutch edition

And Dutch canals and Dutch hycinths.  I spent the weekend in the Netherlands with some school friends and my pics reflect this!  My mates are on a longer Bennelux road trip but I'd convinced them that the Dutch bulb fields and the Keukenhof Gardens would be worth a visit so I flew in (to Amsterdam) for the weekend to partake with them.

Saturday was all about flowers.  A good few hours at Keukenhof and then driving around the country side up to Den Helder past the many many bulb fields.  I think the pictures do the talking but I will say - it was stunning! So much colour.  The gardens were perfectly manicured, stunning and filled with colour


And then there were the bulb fields.  We saw so many from the car, but only stopped to take a few pics. We were blown away by the first field we saw but just as equally impressed by the last.


And it's not like the Dutch are known only for Tulips.  There's frites with mayo and Anne Frank and canals and bikes and poffertjes and beer.


A brilliant weekend.

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