Friday, 6 May 2011

End of the Rainbow

End of the Rainbow is a musical/play detailing the demise of Judy Garland. It's been playing in London for some time but finishing soon and I knew I wanted to go and see it. After failing to make plans with friends for some time, I decided I wanted to see it bad enough to just go, solo. Randomly, when I looked yesterday afternoon, there were cheap tickets for last night but not for any of the other nights I can attend so last night it was.

Judy Garland's story is a sad one. I knew that, I knew she had substance issues, I just don't think I realised how sad it was. Dead at 47. Married 5 times. 5!! Numerous other famous lovers. A broken relationship with a flawed mother. A broken relationship with her oldest daughter (Liza Minnelli). I don't know the status of her relationships with her other children. Sacked/let go by MGM, massively in debt but supremely talented. After seeing the play, I then spent some time online (on the bus home) googling her. Such a brilliant start, gone bad.

Set over the last 3 - 6 months of her life, the play is both sad, funny (hilarious funny, laughing out loud funny), entertaining and thought provoking. I don't know the plans for this play (I'm calling it a play - there was music in it, a la a musical, but not at random intervals and they didn't sing rather than talk) but if it does come near you - go see it! I can only hope your lead actress is as good as Tracie Bennett was last night - she was phenomenal.

Anyway, I'll leave you with probably what is Judy's most famous song, sung much later in her life…

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