Saturday, 28 May 2011


Maze is one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants here in London.  Per the Maze website, it’s
“… breaks formal traditions by serving French cuisine with Asian influences in tasting sized dishes allowing diners to sample a wide variety of flavours and textures”
So after seeing a deal for a four course tasting menu on a local travel site, I (together with three friends) went last night and had a really good time. 

I’m by no means a foodie and whilst I often eat out, it is rarely (read never) anywhere of note but I really enjoyed it.  The service was excellent, I had one of the tastiest martini’s I’ve ever had (a raspberry passion fruit one) and really enjoyed the food.

Some of the combinations are more adventurous than what I’m use to, but not so far fetched that they didn’t appeal.  Whilst my mates went for meatier options, I had:

  • Marinated beetroot, Dorstone organic goat’s curd, pine nuts, Cabernet Sauvignon dressing
  • Loch Duart salmon, fondue of leek, vinaigrette of brown shrimps, horseradish
  • English pea and white asparagus risotto, aged parmesan and pea shoots
  • Rhubarb soup, ginger pannacotta, coriander

All of it in small serves, immaculately presented and delicious.  I think it was the dessert I was most aprehensive about but I really (really really really) liked it.

A thoroughly good night out, but because of the combination of food, service and company.  All of us enjoyed it and appreciated it for a what it was – a treat.

Have you eaten anywhere special lately or somewhere you are eyeing up?  I’d love to eat at Dinner by Heston.  That’s next, just as soon as I can get a booking.

(Like a bad blogger but a good dinner guest, I didn’t take any photos).

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