Thursday, 26 May 2011

My inbox, priorities and procrastination

My work inbox has zero unread emails, 2 unactioned emails and a total of 5 emails. I'm on top of it. I have a lot to do at work but at pretty much all times, I know what I've got (or, what I've been asked over email at least, I'll always get things sprung on me last minute - it's the nature of the beast).

My own inbox has zero unread emails, 42 unactioned emails and a total of 58 emails. I'm so NOT on top of it. I read emails on my phone but hate replying on it. I spend up to 10-12 hours in front of a computer at work each day so I turn my laptop on about once in a blue moon (hence scarcity of posts- I need to schedule some, hey, when I do actually turn the beast on).

How do you stay on top of things?

(oh, and let's talk about the things that are stagnating on my to do list - I haven't posted some cards I've had for MONTHS because I don't like going to the post office, I want to order some glowsticks online (for a musical festival) etc). I'm not sure what I do with my down time but it is not productive.

So - do you have a to do list? Does it help? How do you keep it? (ie. Electronic/written). Do you follow it? And do you reply to emails when you get them?

Help me, I need it.

(I'm currently using the iphone app TeuxDeux and I whilst it's helping me keep track of what I need/want to do, I'm still not actually doing it).

(I'm so bad at responding emails that a friend, a really good friend, wondered and asked if she'd upset me because I took so long to reply).

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