Tuesday, 17 May 2011

My weekend–Lake District

Doing this

Walking and then rock climbing (learning to at least) in the Lake District.

Scaffell Pike is the highest peak in England and been on my must do list for a little while now.  Weather could have been better (wind and rain for 6 of the 7 hours) but it was worth it. 

The walk took us 7 hours, had plenty of scrambling and climbing as well as some gentle parts.  I really found my stride coming down and ran parts of it*. 

Now…well I’m sore all over and chock full of cold.  I’d do it all again though.

How was your weekend? 

*Jogged.  Jogged really, when the downwards momentum over slippery boulders was to hard to fight.  Good fun though.  Grateful to be wearing my new boots – no blister, no rolled ankles, no missing toe nails (and all those good things that come with descents).  The Meindl Burma Pro are my new best friends


  1. These pictures make me want to get out and go on an adventure! You always look like you have so much fun :)

  2. Thanks - I try to! I spent the first 18months in Europe seeing so many cities so now it's the country side I crave.