Wednesday, 25 May 2011

That time of the year

Time for togs

Shopping for togs (bathers, swimmers, swimsuits etc) is one of my least favourite activities.  I find it so so hard, I end up with something that is semi-half ok but I don’t really like or feel confident it.

A lot of it (all of it?) has to do with my body.  I’m a big girl.  I have boobs that are happiest in underwire and a belly best covered.  When I wear togs, I wear them all day.  So I want a tankini.  That supports my bust. 
The strange thing when shopping for tankinis is that the vast majority of the ones I see offer little to know support.  Underwire bikinis are easy to come by but not something a little longer.

After exhausting my options in the stores I’d been to and realising that I needed to get a move on (I don’t need it for a few weeks but I’m short on shopping time), I took the search online.

A few weeks ago I ordered this one from Very:
It doesn’t look over supportive but for only £12, you can’t go to wrong, right?  I ordered it in to sizes (it has bra sizing) but their delivery never reached me.  They can’t explain why, and have refunded the cost (but not the postage which I’ve taken up with them).  They suggested I reorder it.  Well, based on the one experience I’ve had with them, I’m in no such rush.

Today I ordered this one, again in two sizes:
This one from Fig Leaves (Fantasie brand) has underwire as well and looks a little more supportive.  I know I’m being all old before my time and wanting to cover up etc but I just want to be as comfortable as I can (which in turn means not exposed etc).  I love that it has straps and not a halter neck also – I’ve never really been a fan of them on me.

These ones were a little pricier (£34) but if I like it, it will last more than just this year.

Last year’s ones were never quite right and I gave out more than my fair share of nipple flashes, so they really just do need replacing.

What do you wear for swimming?  Bikinis?  All in one?  Tankini?  And how often/how many do you have?

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