Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Whilst I was away– Morocco

I’m home from my Morocco jaunt and I’ve got to say I loved it.  Obviously, I took a lot of pics (over 700) so there needs to be some heavy culling but it was a great trip. 

I was doing a southern loop from Marrakech; camping in the desert, staying in the mountain villages and relaxing on the coast.  It was a great trip, and the constantly changing scenery was part of it.  It’s hard to pick a highlight, for I really did like it all.  We went through the palm groves of the Draa Valley, the dunes of Erg Chegaga, Tata, Tarafroute, the mountain village of Tagoudiche, coastal to Essaouria, back to Marrakech and a whole lot of other places along the way.  (Route map of sorts at the bottom)

And in what is my most picture heavy post to date, here’s is some of what I saw…

IMG_4680IMG_4747IMG_4690IMG_4685IMG_4696IMG_4724IMG_4749IMG_4692IMG_4727IMG_4802IMG_4750IMG_4758IMG_4768IMG_4785IMG_4816IMG_4821IMG_4841IMG_4853IMG_4860IMG_4875IMG_4919IMG_4937IMG_4932IMG_4918IMG_4946IMG_4959IMG_4975IMG_4978IMG_4983IMG_5014IMG_5034IMG_5041IMG_5049IMG_5054IMG_5055IMG_5058IMG_5060IMG_5073IMG_5005IMG_5016IMG_5072IMG_5091 - CopyIMG_5098IMG_5103IMG_5105IMG_5113IMG_5116IMG_5119IMG_5147IMG_5149IMG_5151IMG_5166IMG_5177IMG_5187IMG_5209IMG_5210IMG_5219IMG_5229IMG_5245IMG_5214IMG_5228IMG_5224IMG_5262IMG_5239IMG_5268IMG_5281IMG_5289IMG_5279IMG_5291IMG_5217IMG_5218IMG_5302IMG_5325IMG_5330IMG_5347IMG_5368IMG_5376IMG_5393IMG_5401IMG_5364IMG_5355IMG_5380IMG_5386IMG_5343IMG_5408IMG_5411IMG_5431IMG_5404IMG_5436IMG_5396IMG_5371

And’s let not forget Jemaa el-Fnaa square.  Post Thursday’s bombing.  We didn’t hang around in this area or stay to be entertained by the mythics, snake charmers or water carriers.  Not this time. 

The route we took looks kind of like this on the map (although we did some more off road, rather than following the roads so it’s not quite accurate)
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  1. Fantastic pictures Sue! Looks like an AMAZING trip! Can't wait to see it for myself one day :) xx