Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Working 9-5

Do you like Dolly? I've been listening to her greatest hits album this week a bit. Can we still be friends? I hope so. (I hope so because either (a) you like her too or (b) you don't like her but don't mind that I do. I'm not really interested in other points of view so much.

So I started the new role a fortnight ago.

So far? It's good. It's a real steep learning curve but at the same time, it's pretty quiet and reasonably straight forward so far. The more I learn and do, the more I will need to learn and do. I think it's a good move for me though - more co-ordination and project work, more in depth analysis of figures, more exposure to more types of exposure. It's a real jack of all trades role, rather than a master of one. This will be good come the day I head home to Australia (we don't have the same depth in financial services so there are far fewer risk roles and they're far less specialised).

It's fun getting to know the new team but without some of the awkwardness that comes with being the new person. I mean, I am the new person, but I still have coffee and lunch each day with the same guys I did before (we're not in the same team anyhow) and my afternoon tea options are endless. So I'd call it a win.

And a little work related comic for you...based on my experience with the IT guys over the last few weeks, I'd say there was some truth to it...

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