Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Isle of Wight Festival

Or as one friend aptly named her album on fb - Isle of Awesome

It truly was an awesome weekend.  A bunch of school friends.  A bunch of work friends.  A bunch of bands.  A whole bunch of fun.

It was 4 nights camping (Thursday through Sunday nights) and thankfully mostly sunny.  Muscial highlights included
  • Foo Fighters (the entire set, Grohl is a legend, Taylor Hawkins is a .... I like him, insert choice word here)
  • Joan Jett (I Love Rock'n'Roll)
  • Imelda May (all, I don't know her or her music so couldn't name songs)
  • Eliza Doolittle (pretty much all but skinny genes and pack up for sure)
  • Hurts (symphonic cover of confide in me)
  • Mike + The Mechanics (the Living Years)
  • Pulp (Disco 2000, Common People)
  • Seasick Steve (entire set - that guy is a festival legend)
  • Boy George (Karma Chameleon)
  • Kings of Leon (yes, Sex on Fire.  They mostly suck live but when the audience creates the ambience, it's hard to beat)
A bunch of others (we saw many more bands but memories are blurred/mixed etc).

Other highlights inlcude the rides (some, some were nasty), the silent disco (so much fun), general silliness, glowsticks (be still my beautiful glowsticks - I took 200 along).  Best left to pics:
I didn't take my usual camera with me (to high a chance of trashing it) so all of the above were taken on my digital harinezumi 2+++, which I love (even it with it's lowtech processing, or because of it).

So many many more fun moments were had.  Thanks friends!!

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