Monday, 6 June 2011

Weekends gone by

I’m no longer going to apologies for the blogging absences.  They happen and will continue to happen, especially whislt I'm spending more and more weekends away.  This weekend I was home, but didn't turn my laptop on until 00:06am Monday.  That's when I'm writing this post so any errors...chalk it up up to that.

The next few posts are going to be recaps, mainly for my records.

Three weekends ago (14/15th May) I headed to the Sussex coast to walk part of the South Downs Way.  Armed with a picnic, clear day and plenty of time, we did a 14mile walk along the coast,traversing the Seven Sisters and Beachy Head

Setting off, early early days
Cliffs pretty much the entire way
Not that we tired of the views. 
Being near the sea is something we both took for granted growing up in Australia
We stopped for a rest here and there as well. That's Beachy Head ahead.
Whilst it was a fantastic walk, I think we were both delighted when we rounded the bend and could see Eastbourne, the finishing point (or at least, where we’d get the train back to London from). 

The walk was just on 14 miles and whilst not challenging, we could tell we'd done something.  The wind that day was like nothing else I’d felt up until that point.  So strong at times we couldn’t even walk into it (we tried for fun, as thankfully we had a tail or cross wind most of the way, never a head wind).

It was a last minute walk, one that we organised to do on on the Sunday late Saturday night but one I’m glad I did.  Something so freeing about spending the day by the sea.  For those in London, it's only an hour & half to get to the start or finish so well worth it.

Have you been enjoying the outdoors lately?

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