Thursday, 28 July 2011

Bullet points are beyond me

A bullet pointless brain dump & semi explanation...

Work is busy. Like crazy busy. I knew it would be around this time of year but wow, it's on like donkey kong. My old role saw me with 4 deliverables a week (oh how I loved Fridays). This "new" role sees me with six a year. All at month ends - 1 each in May and November, 2 in February and August. Whilst it's great to have less deliverables, these one obviously require a lot more work (less number crunching, more conceptualising etc). It's going to be a bumpy ride from here in.

Maybe work being busy is compounded by me taking time off? I had a long weekend last weekend and I've an even longer one this one. This afternoon I'm heading to the land of gelato, pizza, pasta, tiramisu and limoncello. To where the forecast is for a serene sky (I kid you not!). Where there are walks, gelato, a beach, gelato, sunshine, gelato, friends (7 of us in total), gelato, the unknown and gelato. I can't wait. Sadly, nor can some of my workload so I'm on it at the moment.

Maybe I seem overwhelmed a bit to because I've decided to move flats. I'm moving at the end of August. I just don't know where to. My lease is a 12 month one and after 3 years here, it's time for somewhere new. I know where I want to move to but it's a popular place and rooms go quickly (I want a share house, not solo). I saw a great flat last night so fingers crossed the girls like me and pick me. It's a bit like being in high school again.

The antidote to some of the uncertainty, the stress (or just busy, not actually stressed) is kayaking. A while ago I signed up for a kayaking course. I've just finished my one star BCU and have joined the club. Two hours on the water every Tuesday after work is fantastic.

That's all for now, I'm off to do some stress testing (yeah, that's what I do…happy happy joy joy - doesn't it sound thrilling?)

Cinque Terre
Where you will find me this weekend

(oh, and people waiting on postcards, they're coming, I haven't forgotten!)

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