Monday, 25 July 2011


I ducked away for the weekend to Chamonix, France, skipping out early Friday and landing at 8am this morning (yep, straight to work, this afternoon may suck).

A friend had just finished the Tour de Mont Blanc, was around for the weekend and keen for MORE walking (the TdMB came on the back of the week of the GR5) so who was I to say no?

The weekend? Well the weather wasn't fantastic (we had rain, we had snow but we did also have some sunshine) but not bad enough to prevent us doing some walking. Nothing to strenuous - a couple of hours each day. Saturday we had to fit the farmers market in first, Sunday a trip up Aiguille du Midi for some sightseeing.

Saturday we did a valley walk (mostly in forests, so sheltered from the rain) whilst Sunday we ventured up to Brevent and walked along the range to Flegere. Both were fantastic but I especially loved the Sunday walk. Do you know the best bit about walking at altitude? Any shortness of breath can be blamed on it (even though I think we both know it was my lack of fitness that was causing it!). Cable cars are also my friends - makes walking up high with stunning views very achievable without having to do the nasty hill climbs. Another thing I learnt - I like longer walks. I don't really hit my stride until the 3rd hour onwards but then often can just keep going and going. I love being outside.

Also another good thing about walking in the French Alps?  Makes you feel like you really deserve the raclette/fondue/crepese/macarons you are going to eat afterwards...

Anyway, I have some pretty fantastic pics on my camera, but they'll have to wait. Today, I can really only share with you those from my phone that I've uploaded to flickr... (and are mostly repeats of what made it to twitter...i would apologise but I don't think there is really any hardship in enjoying these views more than once!). 
Cable car from Plan de l'Aguille to Aiguille du Midi
View of Mont Blanc from Aiguille du Midi
View to the top of Aiguille du Midi (we went to the base of the tower, which is where the 2nd pic was taken)
View from lunch.  Cloudy day but beautiful all the same 

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