Friday, 22 July 2011


I love them. They remind what I need to do and in a way, that helps me get things done. But lately, they've also been reminding me of what I've not being doing, what hasn't been getting done. I've got my regular to do list and this is the one that has some stagnant items on it. Items like "send Morocco postcards". You know, how I went to Morocco in April?? Postcards still waiting to be written and sent. So are the Amsterdam ones (weekend before Morocco) and Paris (a month ago!).

I've got the list of things for a trip. I'm heading away for the weekend, leaving work at 12, flying at 2 for some hiking in the French Alps. This list will get done. It had some things I needed to pack (done) and some things I still need to get (hydration supplies). There is also an accompanying list of things forgotten (hello watch, hello book).  I've got a similar list for next weekend's trip as well.

I've got a list of blog posts prompts that I want to right. Haha, as if I will get to them. Seriously, I posted my July 2010 pics in July 2011! Some I've got to cut loose and start again. Maybe this list is more of a weight. A list of what I'd wish I'd done. Who knows. I do still want to post trip recaps I've missed because this blog semi serves as a travel journal of sort. Facebook gets more photos, emails get more words, Simons Sista Saw gets a bit of both.

And most fun or important to me, my 30 list. A growing list of things I want to do before I'm 30 (later this year). I want 30 things on the list, hence I haven't posted it yet. But I'm not sure there is 30 things I especially want to do so I'm struggling with either having only things I really want to do/try/achieve or having a ridgey didge 30 before 30. Regardless, I need to start sharing this one soon because things that are on it are getting crossed off already.

What do you think? Should my 30 list have 30 things on it (and maybe loose some integrity) or should I share it as is? Do you use lists successfully? Are they electronic or noted?

Other lists I have are of places I want to go, shopping lists and let's not forget - the work to-do lists (which I keep meticulously).

(pic at top is a screenshot of my 30 list, currently in draft in teuxdeux.  I think it would be better served in a pretty blog post with links, but getting that done is still on my to do list) 

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