Monday, 18 July 2011

Monday musings

Short and sweet for there is not much to muse on today.  My weekend was quiet.  I hadn't really planned a super quiet one but it ended up that way.  That I arrived home Friday 11pm and didn't leave the house (except for stepping on to the balcony) until Sunday 11am probably best paints the picture.  There were things on but it was raining, I was cranky (and crampy...very connected to each other) and cosy.  Oh, and I had the house to myself as my housemates were both away.  Love them but the peace and quiet of being solo is such a welcome treat.

During my hibernation I did
  • some spring cleaning (2 garbage bads of clothes for goodwill, 1 large bag of books that I can't actually lift);
  • some movie watching (Harry Potter 1, Harry Potter 7.2, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Marley and Me);
  • some sport watching (Tour De France for 6 hours over 2 days, I can't get enough of it at the moment & 45 mins of golf in the background before I realised what was on!!)
  • some nail painting (hot hot pink crackle for the fingers- fun, but not adding to the banker look I've got going on 9-5, a deep pinky purple for the toes)
  • some washing (me, my sheets, my towels, my colours & my whites)
  • some baking (if you can call it that - I made the 5 minute cake in a mug (using a pyrex measuring jug rather than a mug to avoid spillage.  Better than you might expect it to be, but certainly not something to serve to others)

During the non-hibernation period (all 4 hours of it on Sunday where I managed to get rained on 4 times), I met with friends for a waterside pub lunch.  Good food, good company (them, not me) and good chat (holidays, it always comes back to holidays!). Crap weather.

So that was my unexciting weekend that need not be recorded for posterity, but kind of is.  How was yours?

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  1. Sometimes, a good hibernation weekend is just needed. Some time away from the world can do me good.
    My weekend was pretty good. We went to the Stampede (I wrote about that today!), had dinner with Stephen's Dad and then had our old roommate over for dinner. It was a busy weekend!