Monday, 22 August 2011

A weekend enjoyed. Mostly

Monday, nasty Monday.  I really could have done with a longer weekend this weekend.  No real reason - I just think we all could do with it every week.

I stayed local for this one and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Friday night and Saturday at least.  Sunday was a wee bit mundane.

Here is it in pictures:

Friday night
Get in my belly.Rodenbach Original; get in my belly #2Monteith's Radler (fav NZ beer)Dogfish Head Festina Peche (tasty fruit wheat beer)Paul Kwak (unique Belgium taste)

Beers for a mate's 30th.  We went for "quality not quantity" this time (Budapest was very much "quantity not quality"), heading to a beer pub, The Draft House.  They were:
  • Little Creatues Pale Ale - one of my favourite beers.  It's Aussie and not widely available over here (although it does seem to be popping up more and more).  It's not super special anything, just a really tasty everyday beer (if you were to have a beer every day!).  I'd drink this again (and again)
  •  Rodenbach Original - a vintage blend Beligum red.  Heavy, would have probably enjoyed it later in the evening (I don't think I've had a Belgian red before but would again).
  • Monteith's Radler- A NZ beer I drank plenty of and enjoyed back in NZ for my bro's wedding.  It's lemony and refreshing and lovely (it somehow manages to avoid tasting like dishwashing liquid, which many lemon drinks can in my mind)
  • Dogfish Head Festina Peche - A peach flavoured wheat beer and quite the lovely one at that.  Not as sweet as the usualy peach beers (which I always stake out in Belgium, or Belgian beer bars) but yum.
  • Paul Kwak - strong beer that if served in the true glass, would have looked super awesome.  Label told it would taste unique and it certainly did.  It grew on me but it's probably not something I'd chose again.

Saturday was a change of pace, spending the day with my Aunty, playing tourist of sorts.  Meeting at the V&A (as always), checking out the Wallace Collection, some afternoon tea (no photos, too hungry to wait) and some shopping at Liberty London.
Annual V&A day w auntyWhat do you think? Too big for my bedroom?Shopping time, this time at Liberty London

Sunday...filing, culling, packing, cleaning etc.  I move this coming weekend.  I've saved you the task of having to look at photos of that!

How were your weekends?

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