Thursday, 8 September 2011

29 before 30

So I’m 30 soon. 25 November 2011 marks the day.

I’m pretty excited about this birthday. I love celebrating a birthday and well, a milestone, just a bigger reason right? I’m excited about the decade ahead. But really, I’m getting ahead of myself. Because there are still a chunk of days left in my twenties. Days I want to put to good use, to do some things I often speak off.

So here is my 29 before 30 list. I started writing it early in the summer and thinking about it long before then. So, some of the things I’ve just recently done but mostly, what’s on it is what’s to come. I’ve done 29 before 30 (rather than 30 before 30) as I’m really celebrating being 29 (i.e. The now). That, and well, adding a 30th would be reasonably meaningless as I can’t think of anything else I especially want to do.

I’ll break them into chunks probably to explain why there on it, or share the reasons when I blog the results. Some have some real meaning and reasoning. Some are just fun. Many are things I’ve been saying I want to do for quite a while now so I’m just putting a deadline* on it.

1. See a play
2. Read the Great Gatsby
3. Visit the London Transport Museum
4. Attempt Couch to 5kms
5. Cook a dinner for 4
6. Bake macaroons
7. Move to a new hood in London
8. Kiss a stranger
9. Visit a market
10. Visit a new country
11. Get up for sunrise
12. Eat a steak
13. Take in a sunset from Greenwich / Primrose Hill / Hampstead Heath
14. See Elgin’s marbles
15. Ride a bike
16. Get a pedicure
17. Learn to crochet
18. Visit and tour St Paul’s Cathedral
19. Attend a Church service
20. Try three new foods
21. Go a weekend without coffee
22. Leave a letter for a stranger
23. See a band
24. A yum cha lunch
25. Send 29 postcards
26. Get my leg back behind head
27. Design a photo calendar
28. Walk at least one (new to me) section of the Thames Path
29. Make pizza dough
30. Go to a comedy show

So, some will be easy to accomplish, some will require a bit of planning and some might just be impossible. Regardless, let’s do this

Friends, if you are in London or nearby and want to do any of these things with me in the next few months, let’s talk…

*deadline. If I fail, well I guess I’ve got a good start on some things to do once I’m 30. I’d love to get through everything on this list but needing to balance it with down time, work, friends etc, I’m not going to stress (too much) about it.

**I'll be back to provide links where possible etc, and update this as I go


  1. A whole weekend without coffee?! Really???... I'm not sure I can endorse that one :)

  2. Thanks Amanda. Mal - I can do it. I might not be lovely to be around but that means I should be doing it all the more, right?