Monday, 19 September 2011

The background to my list–pt 1

30 before 30, 101 in 1000 days, bucket list etc.  We’re all familiar with them.  I’m late in the game, deciding only a matter of months before my 30th to do things.  Some of the items are more meaningful than others but I’m going to try and explain the reasoning behind each one.

Today, I’ll just do the first 10 and follow up with the remaining 19 shortly.

1. See a play
I’ve seen many a musical but rarely do I go and see plays.  London has a lot of theatre options so this really shouldn’t be that hard, should it?

2. Read the Great Gatsby
Movies coming out (well, being filmed) and I bought the book at the beginning of the year at the recommendation of a friend.  So just read it already, right? right.

3. Visit the London Transport Museum
It’s the London museum that I most want to go to.  And have for a while.  So again, just do it already, right? right.

4. Attempt Couch to 5kms
I say attempt because I’ve never been a runner.  But maybe I’ve never been a runner because I’ve never really tried and certainly never stuck with it.  A program to follow might make it easier.  So let’s see how this goes.

5. Cook a dinner for 4
I’m sure I can cook, but I just don’t do it very often.  I like the idea of cooking for friends though.  Taking time to plan a meal, get the ingredients and cook.  Just need some friends to come over for dinner…

6. Bake macaroons
I love them.  I think I will suck at them.  I want to try them.  That’s really all there is too it.  And if they fail, macaroon crumbs would be okay with ice-cream, wouldn’t they?

7. Move to a new hood in London
Done.  This one shows the age of the list (mid July).  I was tossing up staying where I was (lovely big sunny room in a location I was bored with that was no longer really convent for me to get to work or my friends.  So I decided it was time to experience a different part of London.

8. Kiss a stranger
My friends mostly laugh at this one.  If we’re out for a few drinks, and especially if we’re at a gig, I’m a big fan of the pash n dash.  But drunk disco pashes weren’t what I meant. 
I’m very single but am not helping my cause.  I don't respond well (I’m the awkward turtle) to being chatted up & often I don't even know when it's going on. ie. I'm a dating dork.  So basically, I need to put myself out there more AND respond better to it.

9. Visit a market
Portobello, Brick Lane, Petticoat Lane, Columbia Road, Bermondsey, Broadway.  London has loads of markets but I couldn’t tell you the last time I made it to one.  Time to rectify that.  Just shop already, right? Right.

10. Visit a new country
New country = new to me <> South Sudan.  This was another one friends laughed at, mentioning that I’m always away.  I do travel a bit but this year, Morocco is the only new country I’ve been to.  I’ve been to some new places (Cinque Terre & Valencia off the top of my head) but many (Paris, Amsterdam, Budapest) are repeat cities as well as countries.  That’s not a bad thing, but I want to see more, see new.

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  1. Macaroons are something i want to try my hand at too! They'd definitely make tasty crumbs.

    Love the visit market/kiss a stranger ones!! Plenty of excitement there.