Thursday, 22 September 2011

The background to my list–pt 2

Part 1 or the Full List

11. Get up for sunrise
I always love a good sunset but I’m just really not that familiar with the sunrises.  Time to get up and see one.

12. Eat a steak
I’m a pescetarian and have been for nearly 10 years.  Prior to that I ate white meat.  Before that I ate some red meat (in lasagne etc. when it was flavoured) and even earlier again, I ate red meat, served as red meat.  Eating red meet coincides with being a kid and not really having a say in what I ate.  My fussiness with meat has never been for social reasons but rather, I don’t like it.  The taste, the texture, the look or the smell of it.  But 15ish years ago (my best guess on when I last had a steak), there were a lot of things I didn’t like which I now do.  So maybe, maybe my tastes have changed.  I’m going to try a steak and see if I still dislike it.

13. Take in a sunset from Greenwich / Primrose Hill / Hampstead Heath
Pretty.  Enough said.

14. See Elgin’s marbles at the British Museum. 
I doubt they really ever will get returned but since its the most well known exhibit at one of the most well known museums (and is free), I feel like I should trundle along.
15. Ride a bike
Because that’s what the cool kids are doing.  I want a bike so I can ride to work and stuff, but I also just like riding for fun.  That said, I haven’t since I lived in Australia.

16. Get a pedicure/manicure
Never had a pedicure, hence including it on the list. I’ve added mani to it as the chances of me wearing open toed shoes now it’s getting cold is slim to none.

17. Learn to crochet
I’m a complete knitting fail but I like the idea of being able to crochet flowers, beanies, scarves etc.

18. Visit and tour St Paul’s Cathedral
How long have I been saying I want to do this? (answer… a really long time)

19. Attend a Church service
Religion isn’t something I like to get into on here because I’m really firmly in the “each to their own” camp.  I’d say I’m spiritual rather than religious but would like to attend a service.  Now just to choose a church to visit…

20. Try three new foods
To get me out of my vegemite toast comfort zone?  There’s a huge mix of cultures in this city and grocers for most.  Time to be a little adventurous.

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