Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The background to my list–pt 3

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20. Try three new foods
Why not…

21. Go a weekend without coffee
My friends laughed at this one because I’m known for loving my coffee.  And whilst I do love it, I’d like to think I’m don’t need it and there is truth in me always saying I only drink so much of it because I like the taste.  Let’s see…

22. Leave a letter for a stranger
Or maybe some Karma Cards?  Something like that. I’d love to find a letter so I’ll pay that forward to someone else?

23. See a band
Ideally in a new venue.  London has an incredible live music scene and I just feel like I’m not making the most of it.  Or barely any of it.

24. A yum cha lunch
Yum! I love yum cha and the idea of sharing a meal, the lazy susan, the tea, the ritual.  All things like that.

25. Send 29 postcards
I love receiving snail mail so now I’m going to pay it forward.  Who wants one?

26. Get my leg back behind head
I use to be able to do this.  I can’t anymore.  That isn’t the real reason it’s on my list though.  This comes up from time to time because over the past 18months, I’ve had reoccurring dreams that I could get my leg behind my head but it got stuck there and I had to wait for housemates to come home and help me.  Hmmm…reading that, it doesn’t seem like a great goal, no?

27. Design a photo calendar
I love taking pics and I’m sure there’s 12 from the last year or so I’d be happy to look at for 30 days or so.  I think of this one each year but hopefully, I’ll actually do it this time.

28. Walk at least one (new to me) section of the Thames Path
I like walking and the Thames Path is a well known National walkway.  Let’s get on it.

29. Make pizza dough
Love pizza. Maybe too much.  I like the idea of putting some love into the preparation of it though, rather than instant gratification.

30. Go to a comedy show
Because who doesn’t like to laugh?

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