Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Wednesday last week wasn't just hump day, it was Dolly day.


Dolly Parton, as part of her Better Day tour had a few shows in London at the O2.  I remember back when the tickets went on sale how much I wanted to go.  I was even prepared to pay the £90 (yes, £90) for the shittiest of seats if someone else would.  Sadly, no one else that I asked would.

Fast forward a few months and last Tuesday I got some corporate box seats from work for £10 each (£10 donation to our charity of the year).  My employer has a corporate box there where tickets are offered in a lottery when not being used by the bigiwgs and clients.

So, exhousemate Kate and I, after many singalongs at our old place, headed off to see her.  I was so ridiculously excited about this gig, it was all I could talk about/think about for the 36 hours between getting tickets and going, and then for another 48 hours afterwards.

Dolly came on,  all 5 feet of her decked out in gold sparkles and rocked it from the get go.  Joelene was the fourth song in and I'm not ashamed to say my eyes teared up with the excitement of it all.  That also could have been because we were drinking gin & tonics (the main benefit of the corporate box is that whilst catering wasn't included, we did have in seat drinks service, meaning no cues at the bar). 


From start to finish, her gig was AMAZING.  I really do only know her bigger hits but then there were many many songs I didn't realise were hers.  And there were some fantastic covers - Tina Turner, the Beatles, Led Zepplin & Dusty Springfield all got a Dolly-ing.  And whilst her voice has such a distinctive twang, it was amazing.  Little Sparrow, done a capella was mind blowing for me.  But not only was it her singing (and rapping!), she's such a witty corker and had as all laughing a lot through out.

All in, this was probably one of the best gigs of my life and one that I will hopefully be able to tell future Grandkids about.

The setlist was:

Set 1
Light Of A Clear Blue Morning (Intro)
Walking On Sunshine / Shine Like The Sun
Baby, I'm Burning
Bluegrass Medley
Rocky Top
Mule Skinner Blues
Help! (The Beatles cover)
Shine (Collective Soul cover)
Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin cover)
My Tennessee Mountain Home
Precious Memories
Coat of Many Colors
Smokey Mountain Memories
Son of a Preacher Man (Dusty Springfield cover)
Better Day
Together You and I
Holding Everything
He Will Take You Higher
He's Everything

Set 2
White Limozeen
Country Is As Country Does
In The Meantime
The Sacrifice
Little Sparrow
River Deep – Mountain High (Ike & Tina Turner cover)
Here You Come Again
Islands in the Stream
9 to 5

Two Doors Down
I Will Always Love You

My photos aren't nearly as awesome as the night was, and nor is the video (the encore, I Will Always Love You) but that's ok by me.

Such a great night out.  Thanks Dolly!

(are you a Dolly fan?  Most of my mates and especially my colleagues laugh at how excited I was about it all).

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