Monday, 12 September 2011

Weekends are lovely

A low key weekend, movies, dinner, aussie rules football, shopping and a walk with friends.  No sleep ins but early nights instead.  What’s happening to me? I must be getting old? (or just wise, because they were lovely).

Sunday – a walk in the Chilterns with an assortment of friends.  An eight mile loop from the village of Wendover up Coombe Hill, past Chequers and back to Wendover.  For a Sunday lunch.  And afternoon tea.  And amazing hot chocolate.

It rained some, but mostly it didn’t.  Open fields & closed in woods.  A wonderfully English walk really.  I think all enjoyed it*.

* I think all would have enjoyed it more had there been no rain but really, you can’t wait for the dry days to enjoy this country.  And I’m glad we all enjoyed it as I’d chosen the route and organised it for 10 of us, some who I hadn’t met before.  I love doing things so I organise the things I love.  And then I freak out and worry that others might not like what I’ve organised.  But really, it seems people are often happy to be organised.  And if they wouldn’t come along if it wasn’t what they wanted to do. 

**I now know they all enjoyed it as the email this morning has run hot thanking me and asking when the next one is.  Just as soon as I have a free Sunday, I'm going walking again.  I really do love it.

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