Thursday, 27 October 2011

Cupcake Class

Last night I went along with a colleague and some friends and learnt to decorate cupcakes, thanks to a Groupon we bought a while back.  Held at the Sugar Shack, we played around with piping for a while, learning on a fake cupcake, before being let loose with the colour pastes and glitter.  Whilst there is an awful lot of room for improvement (in both piping and colour selection!) it was a really fun night.

Learning to pipe on fake cupcakesAll of the above, in colour
From this          to this
Roses only
Frills (outside in)
Swirls, starting from the outside finishing in the middle
Frills (inside out, gone wrong, with ears)
Swirls, starting from the inside
Dollops (oversized)
Dollops or splodges or stars (I’d ice the cake before using theses I think.  Or heck, not use them!)

Do you have a favourite?  I like the roses the best or the inside to outside swirl.  Just not the colours I chose.


  1. This looks like it would make for a fun night! Stephen and I taught ourselves how to ice cupcakes from watching Youtube videos. My favorite is definitely the inside to outside swirl.

  2. Thanks - it was great. I've just gone and got some nozzles so now I can play more at home. Will have a look on youtube for more inspiration