Monday, 14 November 2011

23. See a band

I love live music.  Big stadium concerts, open air festivals, dirty smelly pup gigs – I really like it all.  That said, I don’t head to as many gigs as I use to.  This year I’d really only been to a festival (Isle of Wight) and I can’t think of any other gigs I’d gone to.  That’s why this item made the list.  To get me back out doing what I love.
So soon after compiling my 30 before 30 list, some friends and I booked tickets to go and see Gotye, a Belgium/Australian electro pop act.  Maybe doesn’t sound great but he is.  I’d seen him live before and was amazed at how good he was (especially given his records are a little unusual).
1 November saw us at the Kings College London student bar for a down and dirty cheap gig.  And it was fantastic! 

He’s many great songs but one to leave you with is Somebody That I Used To Know:

I’ve also been to Carus Thompson and Dolly Parton with Roxette still to come so item 23 is well and truly ticked.

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