Tuesday, 22 November 2011

24. A Yum Cha lunch

You say dim sum, I say Yum Cha.  Given Yum Cha means drinking tea I’m not sure why us Aussies use it to refer to the meal.  Sure, we will often drink tea whilst downing many a dim sum but tea is not what I think of when I hear those words.

Anyway, a Yum Cha lunch.  Something that I love but do infrequently (noticing a theme?).  That said, it’s happened twice in the last few weeks which I’m stoked about.  I haven’t seen anywhere here do the trolley service that you get I’m familiar with but the food is tasty all the same.
Once with school friends
Jasmine tea, veggie dumplings, prawn and pak choy dumplings, pork buns, prawn and coriander dumplings, bean curd rolls.
And once with colleagues:
More of the same…
Both so tasty.  My favourite items are bean curd rolls, prawn dumplings and crispy squid balls.

What’s your favourite on the dim sum menu?

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