Sunday, 20 November 2011

28. Walk a (new to me) section of the Thames Path

The Thames Path is a 184mile path that follows the route of the Thames River from its source to sea.  From what I’ve read, seen or heard, the path is mostly easy walking as it’s without much elevation and is signposted (as well as following a the river).  Until recently, I’d only walked sections of the path that were in London, and between my home and my work.  i.e. I’d never gone out of my way to walk any of it.
Several Sundays ago, much like this Sunday* I headed west with friends.  Staying within London, we walked the section from Putney to Barnes (south side) and back again (north side). A gentle afternoon ramble, and had I not been unwell (tonsillitis as the time) I would have to liked to keep going. 


More recently than that, I walked only a few hundred metres of it, out in Marlow.  Whilst this doesn’t really count (we were killing time between arriving in town and our lunch booking and my foot was still painfully busted), it’s made me that much keener to see more of it.

Whilst it’s wildly ambitious to seek to walk the entire path, I would like to give it a crack, and cover a lot more of the more rural sections.

* Another day trip today, also west.

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